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Life Cycle O&M Solutions by

Tritium3 Renewable Services


Our team manages over 300MW of commercial and utility projects in Hawaii and has been providing expert services for photovoltaic systems since 2012. Our deep understanding of life cycle asset management is the key to maximizing a solar PV system's return on investment. 


Over the life of a PV system, a number of preventable issues commonly develop that reduce energy production or result in increased operating costs. Our team's proactive involvement in early design and responsive management, maintenance, and early detection services help keep simple problems from become costly for system owners.  


Tritium3 Renewable Services is a licensed O&M contractor (BC-32978). 


Our Renewable Services division offers a diverse range of services, including:

  • Commissioning and project closeout

  • System inspection to identify construction deficiencies prior to expiration of contractor or equipment warranties

  • Advanced operations and maintenance (O&M)

  • Quality assurance/quality control programs

  • Design and implementation of reliable PV system communication systems 

  • Repair of Power Electronics and Satcon inverters










As a Hawaii-based company with extensive local and national experience, our clients enjoy unmatched expertise and personalized service.  We strive to ensure that your PV system operates at its maximum performance potential. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Industry leading annual system inspections

  • System warranty management

  • Detailed soiling energy loss analysis to determine if cleaning your modules provides a positive return on investment

  • Real-time performance monitoring of system components and energy production

  • Corrosion inspection and mitigation

  • Inverter preventative and corrective maintenance

  • Regular physical inspections of arrays, inverters, wiring, and balance of systems

  • Detailed system inspections prior to expiration of key warranties

  • Debris and vegetation removal

  • System cleaning

  • Communication and system software management optimization

  • Spare parts inventory management

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